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SkyPeepZ.com Performer Upgrade and How to Use Tutorial

SkyPeepZ.com flow

skype sex flow on skypeepz

1; A member buy Tokens on website
2; He talk with you in message or on Skype (in optimal situation)*
3; He send Tokens to you
4; You do the Skype show
5; If you reach the payout limit and the period is closed, we send your earnings.

SkyPeepZ.com Models' Manual

How it works

- The first step, register a performer account.
- Sign in your account.
- Follow the steps (4 easy steps).
- Wait until our admin team approve your account
- If your account is approved you can work.

Member manual

Four steps to performer account

You need to do 4 simple steps to your own performer account.

1; Identity verification

You have to prove you are not underage and the performer account is yours.
Please load up a copy of your passport or ID. If you have an uploaded ID, you can go to step 2.

2; Profile settings

2.1; Headline

Write a short and unique headline. Headline will appear on your profile page and list page too. Minimum 16, maximum 36 characters.
Enter your headline, and click on the "Setup" button.


Headline on your profile page

2.2; About me

Write a description about yourself. Who are you? What kind of girls or boys are you looking for... Why you are the best choice.
What is your speciality, what will get the client if he chose you...
Minimum 140, maximum 1024 characters.
Enter a description, and click on the "Setup" button.

about me

2.3; Profile picture

Load up a profile image about yourself. Load up the best picture about yourself. We show this image on the list page and of course on your profile page. The image must be valid, and not any random picture from the net. If you upload an invalid picture we will ban your account.

1) Select an image file and click on the upload button.

image upload

2) Create thumbnail. Select an area using the mouse, and click on the "Save Profile Picture" button.

create thumbnail on profile

You must create a thumbnail, so please select an area, because your picture will not appear!

2.4; Personal settings

Set up your personal datas.

personal settings

2.4.1; Skype account

Enter your Skype ID. It is very important, because the members will see this contact information.
Your Skype account is visible for all SkyPeepZ members. Tick in the checkbox and only trusted (paying) users can see.

2.4.2; Homepage

You can enter a website URL. If you have no homepage, leave it empty. Do not use "http://". Type only the URL, for example: mysite.com, mysite.com, mysite.com/mypage etc.

2.5; Category

Please select a category.

skype show categories

Skype show categories

Category Type Short summary
Girls Nude (18+) Girls, who are looking for Skype sex partners.
Boys Nude (18+) Boys, who are looking for Skype sex partners.
Couples Nude (18+) Coples, who are looking for Skype sex partners.
Trannies Nude (18+) Trannies, who are looking for Skype sex partners.
Dating Non-nude Flirt and date.

3; Show settings

Please setup your show features. Here you can give some information about your Skype show.
Technical, Languages, Equipment, Willingness and Skype show fees.

skype show settings

3.1; Technical

Please select the right options.
hd cam icon When your resolution is minimum or over 720p (HD-ready, 1280x720px). Your handycam or webcam can stream HD quality picture.
audio icon Your client can hear your voice. You can turn on the sound.
zoom icon Your camera has zoom, and you can use it. Your device has a zoom function

3.2; Languages

The spoken languages. If you speak the language, only then select it.
en English, it is a default language.
en German
en Spanish
en French
en Italian

3.3; Equipment

What kind of equipments do you use. Your sexual tools.

3.4; Willingness

Your willingness. What you willing to do in a live Skype show.

3.5; Show fees

You can use our default price, or you can enter your own price.

4; Payout settings

We will pay you bi-weekly. You need to reach the payout limit in a period, in order to get paid on the payout date of that period. If you do not reach the payout limit in a period, your earnings are rolled over to the next period until you reach the payout limit. Payout days: If you reach the Payout Limit in the first period of a month (1st - 15th), you will receive your payment at latest on the 25th day of the month. If you reach the Payout Limit in the second period of a month (16th - 31st), you will receive your payout at latest on the 10th day of the month.

If you had filled out all payout information (Payment type and Payout information boxes) and ticked the "agree with the rules" checkbox, then you can able to finish the performer registration process. Click on the finish button and wait until our admin team approve your model account.

Performer account types

 Pending performer   Performer   Verified Performer 
Profile settings Yes Yes Yes
Show settings Yes Yes Yes
Photo gallery Yes Yes Yes
Affiliate Yes* Yes Yes
Video upload No Yes Yes
County block No Yes Yes
Verified badge  No No Yes

* You have affiliate URL, but we will pay you if your account is approved.

We give the verified badge for the models, when they reach the payout limit (minimum one time) and have one successful payout. If you have a payout, you will get the badge automatically.