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Winter Queen of SkyPeepZ

skype contest cover

Prizes for performers

1. 75 Tokens
2. 25 Tokens
3. 10 Tokens

Prizes for members

1. 50 Tokens
2. 20 Tokens
3. 10 Tokens

Contest description

We are looking for the best webcam girl from SkyPeepZ.com. We ask all members to help us find the Winter Queen of Skypeepz. The Skype cam model who will win the race will get a badge and 75 extra Tokens. And of course, we will reward our members with free Tokens. Win glory for yourself and for your favorite Skype performer. Play the game and get free Tokens. We wish you good luck and hope you will win!

Contest period

February 1, 2014. - February 28, 2014.


All trusted members and active performers can vote for who sent or received tokens in the contest period. One Skype show, one vote option. The users can give 1, 2 or 3 points. The cam model who collect the most points will win the contest and she will be the Winter Queen of SkyPeepZ. The first place winner get 75, the 2nd 25 and the 3rd 10 Tokens. The performers also can vote for the members. The member who get the most points will win the race. The winner get 50 extra Tokens for free. Second and third 20 and 10 tokens. The vote is anonymous, nobody will know, who voted for whom, and how much was it. The Skype show client (member) and performer can vote anytime until the end of contest. The voting page can be found in the my account page. The voting page shows you where you are in the list. You can see four different text. You are in the top 3; you are in the top 5, you are in the top 10 or you are not in the top 10. We are gonna exclude all users from the race, who try to manipulate it. (For example, Skype show for 1 Tokens.)

Winter Queen of SkyPeepZ

badge winer
2. 2nd place
3. 3th place

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