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SkyPeepZ.com Site Demo and How to Use Tutorial

SkyPeepZ.com flow

skype sex flow on skypeepz

1; Buy Tokens
2; Talk with her - You can talk with the performer in message, or on Skype. Please ask that she (he) is free and can accept your show request or not.
3; Pay the bill - Send Tokens to her (him).
4; Enjoy - Enjoy the live Skype show.

SkyPeepZ.com User Manual

How it works

- The first step, register an account. It is free, so you can not lose anything.
- Sign in your account.
- Now, select a category from the menu. You can find a quick menu under the logo. You can choose girls, boys, couples, trannies from the quick menu, and more mainstream categories on the main page (dating).
- If you are seeing a green online text, then the girl is currently online.
- If you have found the model of whom you wanted, then buy some tokens.
- Talk the details with the model in message, or on Skype. Please, first talk with the performer, and if she accept your show request, then send tokens to her (him).
- If she has free time, and you have sent some tokens, then the show can starts.

Performer manual


SkyPeepZ Tokens

- Simple and safe.
- You can purchase Tokens, and you can pay with these.
- If you would like a risk-free and 'adult friendly' payment process, choose this option.
- You can pay by VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Switch and Solo cards
- We can refund you, if you did not get a show. You will find more information in our refund policy.

Account types

- Free member
- Trusted member
- VIP member
- Performer
- Verified performer

 Free member   Trusted member   VIP member 
Account settings Yes Yes Yes
Photo viewing  Yes Yes Yes
Video watching Yes Yes Yes
Models' Skype id not all* All All
Show booking Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Message Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Contact list Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Review writing Yes Yes Yes
Review reading Yes Yes Yes
VIP points Yes (x1) Yes (x1) Yes (x2)
Free gift** No Yes Yes
Message status*** No Yes Yes
Own Skype setup No Yes Yes
Profile picture No Yes Yes
Trusted badge No Yes Yes
VIP badge No No Yes

* If the performer has selected the 'only trusted' option, then the free members can not see her Skype id.
** Only trusted and VIP members can exchange their VIP points.
*** You can see that the performer had read your message

Trusted member

trusted member They have minimum one approved transaction, and can play in VIP game for free gifts.
They are acknowledge users. We congratulation to all trusted member!

V.I.P. member

vip member V.I.P members have made many transaction, and they have 'bought' the badge.
The badge appear on profile page, messages, and when you use the site, you get twice as many VIP points.

Verified performer

verified model The certification system is protect you from the fake performers.
Those models who have 'verified badge' are valid models. Choose them!

Fake performer

fake performer If the performer is a cheater, we close his/her account.
You will see this icon on the profile page.

VIP Points

You get VIP points for each approved transaction, and when you are using the website. Points can be exchanged for various prizes.
You can choose simple gifts, like FREE Tokens or extra, unique functions.

You get VIP points:
- for Token purchase: 10 Tokens - 1; 25 Tokens - 3; 50 Tokens - 7; 75 Tokens - 11; 100 Tokens - 15 VIP points.
- for Token sending: you get different VIP points for every show. Choose a longer show and get more VIP points.
- for valid reviews: write a longer and valid review about the performers, and if your comment appear on the site, then you will get VIP points.

Skype show categories

Category Type Short summary
Girls Nude (18+) Girls, who are looking for Skype sex partners.
Boys Nude (18+) Boys, who are looking for Skype sex partners.
Couples Nude (18+) Coples, who are looking for Skype sex partners.
Trannies Nude (18+) Trannies, who are looking for Skype sex partners.
Dating Non-nude Flirt and date.

How to use the site


Main menu

SkyPeepZ.com main menu

The first button (the logo) is the category selector.
contacts icon The second button is your contact list. Your favorite performers and members.
messages icon The letter icon is your messages, sent and received too.
new messages icon If you have a new message the letter icon will be green. The number indicates how many unread messages you have.
settings icon The last button is your Token stat. Here you can see your Token statistic.

Quick menu

quick menu You will find a quick menu under the logo. You can choose girls, boys, couples and trannies. You can select only adult categories from the quick menu. If you want to choose a mainstream category, please go to the main page. If your age is under 18/21, please do not use the quick menu, because you can find nude pictures on the list page.

My Account and Sign in

sign in You can find a login link and button on the top right corner.
sign in If you are logged in your account, then your username will be visible.

Crumb navigation

quick menu Crumb menu makes you an easier navigation.


quick menu If the page includes more elements, numbers appear the bottom of page. Numbers are links, and the blue box is where you are.

List page

Skype status

online Online: The model is currently online. She is free, you can do a show with her.
online Offline: The model is currently offline. She is not available.

Profile page


action menu
skype chat icon You can start a Skype chat with the model.
write message icon You can write a message to the member or to the performer. More info about messages
booking icon You can book a Skype show. More info about Skype show bookings
add conatct icon You can add the user to your contact list, if he/she is not in your list. You can not add yourself to the list. More info about contact list
delete contact icon If he/she is in your contact list you can delete him/her. More info about contact list
report icon You can report the performer.
homepage icon You can visit his/her personal homepage. If the button is not works, then he/she has no homepage.

Picture gallery

If you are logged in your SkyPeepZ account then you can see the performer's uploaded pictures.
A performer can upload maximum 7 pictures. All images are free, registered users can see them.

Skype show fees

token send You can send Tokens to the selected performer, if you have enought Tokens in your balance.
You can see the price and length of show if you keep the cursor over the button.
buy tokens You will see this icon if you have less Tokens as cost of the show. You can buy some Tokens, if you click on the button.

skype sex fees

Successful index

Successfulness index (SI) shows the ratio of the successful live cam shows.
For example:
- The model has 10 shows, but one was fake (or she did not do), and we refunded. SI will be 90%.
- 50 show and 2 refund; SI: 96%
- 30 shows and 0 refund; SI: 100%

Cam show details

What kind of features are available with the performer.

Technical features
hd cam icon He/she uses HD cam. HD cam or webcam gives a better picture.
audio icon He/she uses audio. You can hear sounds, and you can speak with him/her.
zoom icon He/she can use zoom.

The spoken languages.
en English, it is a default language you will see this flag at all performers.
en German
en Spanish
en French
en Italian

List of optional equipment what can be selected.

Anal beads Anal beads are popular anal toys because they are relatively small and inexpensive but they can pack a lot of pleasure when used correctly. Anal beads can enhance the pleasure of an orgasm if they are quickly pulled out at the time of climax.
Butt plug A butt plug is a sex toy that is designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. In some ways, they are similar to a dildo, but they tend to be shorter, and must have a flanged end to prevent the device from being lost inside the rectum.
Dildo A dildo is a sexual device resembling an erect penis in shape, size, and overall appearance. Some include penis-shaped items clearly designed with vaginal penetration in mind even if they are not true approximations of a penis
High heels A heel is the projection at the back of a shoe which rests below the heel bone. The shoe heel is used to improve the balance of the shoe, increase the height of the wearer, alter posture or other decorative purposes. Sometimes raised, the high heel is common to a form of shoe often worn by women, but sometimes by men too.
Latex clothes Latex rubber as a clothing material is common in fetish fashion and among BDSM practitioners. Worn on the body it tends to be skin-tight, producing a "second skin" effect.
Sexy lingerie Lingerie are fashionable and typically alluring women's undergarments. Lingerie includes undergarments using flexible, stretchy, sheer, or decorative materials like Lycra, nylon (nylon tricot), polyester, satin, lace, silk and sheer fabric.
Stockings A stocking is a close-fitting, variously elastic garment covering the foot and lower part of the leg. Stockings vary in color, design and transparency. By analogy, the term is also used to describe a type of horse marking in which the white coloring extends from the horse's hoof to just above the knee.
Vibrator A vibrator is a sex toy for the body and skin, to stimulate the nerves for a relaxing and pleasurable feeling. Some vibrators are designed to ergonomically stimulate erogenous zones for erotic stimulation.

Willingness and extras
Anal sex Sexual activity involving penetration of the anus.
Deepthroat .
Dirty talk
Double penetration
Feet and foot fetish
Live orgasm
Naughty roleplays
Private dance
Pussy fingering
Real squirt
Smoking and cigarette
Striptease show
Wet oil show

Promo video

If the performer has uploaded promo video, you can watch it for free. This feature available every SkyPeepZ members.


You can share your favorite model with your friends with one click on different social sites.

Skype show reviews

You can write reviews about the model's live session. Please share your experience with others that they know what to expect when they take part a live Skype show with the performer.

Who wrote the review?
- Member: a simple username (the review can be fake, because he is a free user, he did not do a show)
- Trusted member: appears a trusted icon (probably valid...)
- Performer1: site shows the "- model" tag
- Performer2: site shows the "- model" tag in green if she/he wrote to her/himself

Reviews do not appear immediately on site. Our admin team read them, and approve manually. It is a few hours or days.
More info about Skype show reviews

My Account

Different user types can use different actions. You see only those actions what you able to use.


My Account icons

Member Trusted Member
token stat
Token stat
token stat
Token stat
VIP game
VIP game

Features and actions

Profile settings


You can write a short and unique headline. Headline will appear on your profile page. Minimum 16, maximum 36 characters.
Enter your headline, and click on the "Setup" button.


Headline on your profile page

About me

You can write a description about yourself. Who are you? What kind of girls or boys are you looking for...
Minimum 140, maximum 1024 characters.
Enter a description, and click on the "Setup" button.

about me

Profile picture

You can upload a profile image about yourself. Maximum file size can be 3 MB. Only JPG PNG GIF images accepted for upload.

1) Select an image file and click on the upload button.

image upload

2) Create thumbnail. Select an area using the mouse, and click on the "Save Profile Picture" button.

create thumbnail on profile


Skype setup

You can enter your Skype ID. Only the performer can see your Skype account, when you pay for a Skype show. It is important for you, because the performer will see that you bought the show.

Token operations

Token purchase

Go to the my account page and click on the first (money) icon purchase. Or you can go to the purchase page from the model's personal page if you do not have enough amount to a show and click on the buy token button buy.

We give VIP points for each approved transaction. If you choose the largest package you will get +15 VIP points!
The processing is safe, secure and private. No hidden fees or subscriptions. 100% secure network, 100% private and confidential.
We do not store your payment data.

CISP - Cardholder Information Security Program
AIS - Account Information Security
SDP- Site Data Protection

We have 2 Credit Card Processor, and both are PCI DSS compliant.
1) Select the brand of your Credit/Debit Card
2) Select a Token package
token purchase
3) Enter your card details (The page located outside (processor's site, and https connection)).

Token sending

If you want to send tokens to a model, go to the performer's profile page and click on the sending button sending.
After you clicked, you will see confirmation window (JavaScript must be enabled on your browser.). Now, click on the "OK" button.

token stat

If the sending is successful a confirmation page will be displayed.

token sent

Token stat

You can see your last 20 token transfers.

token stat

The table includes:
- Transfer ID: it is Skype show reference id (if you have any problem with the show, and it is proof that you have sent tokens)
- Transfer from: you, SkyPeepZ Admin (refund), or SkyPeepZ VIP Game (VIP points exchange)
- Transfer to: who has received the tokens
- Amount: how many tokens you sent
- Date: date of sending

Contact list

Add to contact list

If you want to add a model to your contact list, go to the performer's profile page and click on the add contact button add contact icon.
After you clicked, you will see a new window. Now, click on the "Yes" button.

add contact window

You will find the model in your contact list.

Delet from conact list

Go to the performer's profile page and click on the del contact button del contact icon.
After you clicked, you will see a new window. Now, click on the "Yes" button.

Contact list

Contact list includes your favorite users. You need only a click and you can visit his/her profile page.
You can add new friends or you can delete your old friends.


Write a message

If you want to write a new message, go to the performer's profile page and click on the message button message icon.
After you clicked, you will see a new window where you can write your message.
The letter cannot be empty and not include special characters. Maximum 256 characters are allowed.


If you want to write a reply then you can answer from the reading page.
Go to the inbox and click on a message. Now click on the pencil icon. The process of the previous (new window etc.)...

Read a message

When a new message comes a green mailbox visible on the header. If you click on the mailbox, you can read your unread letters.
You can access your unread messages in my account page too. You must select the message icon.


Messages in unread folder


Messages in inbox (Messages are grouped by username, and sorted by date.)

If you want to read one of them click on message. The box be blue when the mouse is over it.


You will see the overall message history. All sent and received messages from the particular user.
If you want to delete all messages from the user, click on the second (trash) icon.

Skype Show Bookings

Book a show

If you want to book a Skype show, go to the performer's profile page and click on the booking button booking icon.
After you clicked, you will see a new window. In this window can set up your booking request.

calendar booking window

Select a valid date and click on the booking button.
You can not book a Skype show with yourself, and you can not select a date from the past.

The user will get an auto message about your booking request, and we send an email to her/him.
booking message

Manage bookings

Go to the my account page and click on the bookings button booking icon.
On this page you can find your booked shows and can manage them.
The status can be: waiting, approved and canceled.

booking list

Sender can cancel the booked show. Recipient can approve or cancel.
We always send a notice (site message) when the status is changed.

Skype Show Reviews

Write a review

If you have seen her/his show or you have experience with the performer, please share it with the others. Go to the performer's profile page and click on the "Write a review" text write text.
After you clicked, you will see a new window. Select a rate, write a message and click on the send button.
Reviews do not appear immediately on site. Our admin team read them, and approve manually. It is a few hours or days.

review write

You can rate from 0 to 5 (0 = the performer is fake, and 5 if he/she is awesome).
Review must be minimum 32 and maximum 512 characters, and cannot include special characters.

Read reviews

If you want to know more information about the performer, read all reviews what others wrote about her.
You can find the reviews on the performer's profile page.


Send a report

Go to the performer's profile page and click on the report button report icon.
Select a valid reason and click on the send button.

report send

You can choose from 4 reasons.
- Fake profile picture: the model who is on the profile picture different as you seen on live show.
- He/She don't accept SkyPeepZ Tokens: you would like a Skype show, but the performer do not allow to pay with tokens.
- He/She ask more Tokens as I have sent: you already paid, but the performer want more.
- He/She don't do show (took my money): you already paid, but the performer did not do the show (please contact with us)

Please, do not send a report with fake reason.

VIP Game

VIP points exchanging

Go to the My Account page and click on the VIP Game button vip.
Select a FREE gift, and click on it.

vip prizes

After you clicked, you will see a new window. Click on the exchange button, and you will receive the prize.

vip exchanging

You get VIP points for each approved transaction, and when you are using the website.


Sign out

Click on the logout button logout.